Health insurance

Illustration regarding health insurance: Injured arm being bandaged








Premium reductions (IPR)

Individual premium reductions (IPR) serve as financial support for persons with modest economic means. The federal government and the canton contribute to the premiums for compulsory health insurance of entitled beneficiaries. The IPR is only granted upon request and paid out to your health insurance. The Zurich social insurance institution (SVA) forwards the application form to entitled beneficiaries during the early summer months for the following year. For further information, please contact your municipal administration or the Zurich social insurance institution (SVA [German]).

Exemption from compulsory health insurance

In accordance with Article 3 (1) of the Federal Act on Health Insurance (HInsA), every person domiciled in Switzerland must take out health insurance within three months of taking residence or upon birth in Switzerland. Persons living abroad with a residence permit valid for more than three months or cross-border commuters are also subject to compulsory insurance. Exemption from compulsory health insurance is only granted to limited categories of persons, upon request, and will only be granted rarely. Your municipal administration is charged with checking whether you have met your obligation to take out insurance. The Department of Health decides on requests for exemptions.